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    Teeth straightening (Orthodontics)

    Teeth straightening  (Orthodontics)  is the branch of dentistry that deals with problems related to crowded or crooked teeth and misaligned teeth that are difficult to close. The overall name for this is Malocclusion and the impairment can be caused by a single tooth, an entire jaw, or both jaws and the relation between them

    The causes of jaw-closing impairment are:

    • hereditary.
    • tooth injury.
    • loss of teeth.
    • the result of thumb sucking.

    The importance of early intervention- Aesthetics

    • Allows the possibility for early correction of crooked teeth..
    • Correct placement of buck teeth.
    • Can repair bite problems.
    • Reduces the need for tooth extraction.

    With straight teeth it is easier to maintain oral hygiene, therefore reducing exposure to tooth decay and gum disease.

    In a normal situation, the teeth lie in a symmetrical arch in each jaw with a fixed ratio between the jaws. An orthodontist diagnoses existing abnormalities in these relations and treatment is performed according to the findings.

    The desired age for intervention is towards the end of permanent teeth eruption. Sometimes, it is necessary to advance the treatment when problems with milk teeth interfere with the normal eruption of permanent teeth. Early treatment usually includes milk teeth extraction to allow the eruption of permanent teeth, and only then is treatment started.

    Most patients are adolescents. Recently, a branch of adult orthodontic treatment has been developed. The motives are usually related to aesthetics or because of changes in tooth position after severe periodontal disease that caused by loss of bone support for teeth. In these cases it is necessary to re-anchoring the teeth with a permanent or removable fixture


    For consultation with the clinic staff

    Fill in the details and we will get back to you as soon as possible:

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